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Howie do it videos collection – FUNNY FUNNY PRANKS!!!

These have to be the best prank videos ive ever seen – This crazy guy howie mandel likes to get people onto infomercials or other crazy scenarios and really mess with them – These poor people get pranked so hard it brings a tear to my eye! So here is a collection of all the best howie do it videos from you tube:

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Funny video – The floating toilet prank

One very funny video – The floating toilet prank!

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Very funny, top 10 fat kid fails

Here is a very funny video entitled “Top 10 fat kid fails”

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Big dog and little dog

This little dog is trying to hump the big dog – Its HILARIOUS!

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Funny video – The star wars kid

This is a CLASSIC you tube video – The star wars kid:

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Funny video – Can this guy run fast enough?

This is a very funny video from You tube – Can this guy run fast enough?

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Funny little puppy cant get up

This video is very funny – This cute little puppy cant get up:

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Cat VS alligator – Very funny video

A very funny video, with a brave little cat taking on an alligator – Guess who wins?

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Cat attacks a bear and wins!

Here is a very funny video, watch this cute little kitty cat attack a bear many times it size! If the cat lost, well this wouldnt be a very funny video, but he wins and shows the bear who is boss!

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Very funny japanese prank video

This is a very funny prank video from japan. Watch what happens when these guys sit down to have a nice relaxing massage – Lets just say its the opposite of relaxing 😉

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